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Road Making Services

We offer a wide range of products relating to road making services including but not limited to:

  • Thermo plastic, hot paint application
  • Solvent cold paint application 
  • Water based cold paint application

Road Marking Paints

We are agents for reputable brands such as:

  • Dulux 
  • Astra
  • Plascon

We also provide Retro Reflective Glass Beads and Temporary Road Making Tape.

We supply stimsomite C80 studs epoxy which enhances drive safety as well as a greater delineation to a carriage marking system that enables alerts and awareness to distracted drivers. 

Our C80 studs provide clearer pathways as a result of high illumine reflective mode engineered to double standards. The formula also ensures complete and durable installation of our products on the roads. 

Bitumen and Emulsions

We offer all products required for any type of road surfacing. 

These products are supplied in bulk or drum packaged as per client’s preference. 

We also provide high quality products in all specifications. 

Bitumen Grades

  • 80/100 penetration grade
  • 60/100 penetration grade
  • 70/100 penetration 

Emulsion Grades

  • Prime (cutback Bitumen)
  • Cat mix 60 (Catiamic)
  • Stable 60 (Catiomic)
  • Cat Pray 65 (Amonic)
  • Premix Bags 
  • MC 30
  • MC 3000

Road Signs

We offer a diverse and complete range of SADC certified road signs made of 1,4mm Chromadek sheets. We have an option to supply complete dressed signs with poles, clamps, and all accessories.

Road Safety Products

  • Traffic cones – stable heavy base cones various 
  • Speed ramps – toughened thermo plastic 
  • Barrier tapes – ideal for identifying hazards 
  • Water filled barriers – stable uv resistant 
  • Guard rails 
  • Delineators 


We supply products and services to a wide variety of stakeholders but mainly City Councils Provincial and District Councils as well as Transport companies with depots.

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